The “unknown void”

The “unknown void” is how I’m referring lately to what happens after we finish the course. We’ve been receiving a bunch of advice on how to get jobs and promote ourselves and such. Turns out being a good animator is just a little percentage of what you have to be and what you have to do to actually get a job.

This is my attempt at being a good animator and putting together a catchy showreel:

Aside from that, we’re preparing for the Degree Show, and specially for the Private View, which will take place on Tuesday evening. We will screen our films using the black lab as a cinema and use the studio as a showroom/bar. Each two of us will share a computer in which we will play our showreels on loop. We also have a frame on the wall in which we can hang some artwork. I decided to make a poster of some of the projects I’ve been involved into and some art of my own.

Degree show - poster

Almost there!

Finished the last shot I had to clean up. I also had to animate from scratch, since the music track that marked the rhythm of the animation for this certain shot (gag 2 “music”) needed a good editing. Thankfully, we had Tom Lowe with us on Thrusday and Friday and he edited it for me! So I can say that I have officially  finished the clean up today!

So, there’s a couple of things to fix, backgrounds to adjust and camera movements to improve, but I am almost there!

More clean up

Following my mentor’s advice, I’ve been trying to clean up some shots straight ahead, instead of cleaning up some of the different/extreme poses and then inbetweening. He also told me to keep them as sketchy as possible. It worked really well on one of the last shots (when she starts work, after realizing what her idea for the film is going to be).

Appart from that, I just keep working and working and working. What else is left to do?

Cleaning up in flash

Turns out Flash is not that horrible to clean up with. I’m grateful for the timeline, because I can improvise inbetweens and also (mostly) maintain consistency on the shapes and volumes. I can also be a little sketchy, but not as much as I was planning to, since I’m adding color by filling shapes. Not being able to be as accurate with the line as I would like to would be the bad side of using flash as a clean up tool.

Since I’m working at a good pace, I’m less worried about the project in general. I’ve got some help with the sound, so that adds to it as well!

Clean up fail

Little update

I spend great part of yesterday trying to clean up a very simple shot in photoshop. It didn’t work out and I had to scrap it. I’m at the beginning again: how the hell do I do the clean up?

I thought about TVPaint. There was a TVPaint demonstration before the term started, but I couldn’t go because I was still back home. There’s the possibility of getting the program with a discount, but unfortunately I still can’t pay for it. I also remember TVPaint not being very user friendly. The other option would be Toon Boom, but since I want a very sketchy style, I have a feeling that it’s not going to work.

The last option is Flash itself, which will be what I’ll try next. Since the animation is not ready for clean up (and I really don’t have time to get it to that stage), cleaning up using Flash may be the best option. But I was avoiding it because of the “flash look” that it gives. I will see if I can make it work.

More backgrounds and a little bit of animation

Since I’m determined to make proper backgrounds this time, I’m adding animation to some of them. I have a bunch of ideas, little details I would like to add but I am keeping in the back of my mind because the animation is the most important thing and that should be finished before anything else. But I couldn’t resist making this one happen, just at the beggining. It is the most simple thing, just three frames:

It’s also nice to have proof that I am able to create proper backgrounds, even if they’re very simple.

shot 52

shot 53A

shot 54

These are all the inside of the greek temple, although Lora is still working on the muses, that I will add later. She’s also done the landscapes outside the temple. Unlike me, she’s working in pencil and paper, but I thought it was a better idea, since that way she wouldn’t loose her powerful line. She’s doing a great job.

The second temple background will also have animation in it (there’s a lighting storm going on during the scene). This could be one of this things that I could leave out if I don’t have enough time, although the way I want to do it (using just photoshop and color), it wouldn’t take much of my time. I also want to make the rain of Gag 1 (Go for a Walk) in the same style of the film, as opposed to using after effects or being too realistic about it. That will time, so in my new plan of working, I may have to deal with that first and then animate the character(s) later.

I’m much more confident now about the project in general. Still worried about the animation, but I know I can take big amounts of work and not die in the process, so I’m confident I can do it. I can also resort to inbetween less than I want but still finish it, since it wouldn’t crash with the final look I want.